Horizontal pressed

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Vertical pressed

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Bamboo flooring is light, hard, uneasy warp and easy installation. Our product is suited to household and area of frequent using, such as school, meetingroom, clinic, office, shop, restaurant and hotel etc. Ordinary bamboo flooring is classified three features: colour, press structure and type of oil.

Colour: natural colour and carbonized colour. Original colour of bamboo is light wood colour, if we want bamboo colour become from light to dark, bamboo ought to be handled with high temperature, sugar in the bamboo to be carbonized with high temperature, colour became from light to dark.

There are two methods of pressing bamboo flooring we provided: horizontal pressed and vertical pressed. Although the features of two methods of pressing are same, but from appearance, there are difference from the grain on the surface. For horizontal press flooring, the annual ring of bamboo look clearly from about 20cm length on the surface of flooring. For vertical press flooring, using the narrow surface of embeding board as the surface of flooring, the annual ring of surface of bamboo looked concentrated and narrow.

There are two types of oil of our product: oil and matt. The surface of oil flooring looked noble and natural, the surface of matt flooring looked fashionable and glossy. Customer may make choice according to personal judgement.

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